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We get a lot of very good questions about Firefly Online. And when the same question gets asked a lot, you can expect to see it appear in this regularly updated FAQ:


What is Firefly Online?

Firefly Online is a multi-user strategic roleplaying game set in the universe of Joss Whedon’s cult classic TV show – Firefly. Players take on the role of a ship captain as they hire a crew and seek out adventures, all the while trading with and  competing against the millions of other players like themselves, doing whatever it takes to survive in the  Verse.  It is designed for both desktop and mobile OSes and will allow users to play the same character across devices.


Which platforms will Firefly Online be available on?

Firefly Online is currently being developed for Windows desktop and mobile, Mac OS, iOS and Android OS.


Why isn’t this game being developed for [insert platform]?

We hope to bring Firefly Online to a broad range of platforms in the future. The game is being developed with Unity 3D, a versatile engine that supports a wide range of systems and devices.

How do I purchase the game?

At this time, the game is unavailable for purchase. We hope to offer preorders for desktop OSes in the near future.

Will I pilot my own ship?

Players will be able to pilot a variety of three-dimensional ships in realtime and use them to explore the ‘Verse, travel to other planets, and more.


Will I be able to customize my ship?

Firefly Online will fully support a range of ship customization options so that players can trick out their favorite ships and express their uniqueness.

When will the game be released?

The game is currently slated to be released in the summer of 2014.


Who is making Firefly Online?

The game is being developed by Quantum Mechanix in partnership with Spark Plug Games. It is licensed and has the full support of FOX Digital.

Will this game be accessible to everyone, or just the fans?

Enthusiasts of science fiction and RPG games will find plenty to enjoy in Firefly Online – the game is designed to be accessible to anyone. And fans of the TV series will notice lots of familiar people and places along with many nods to their beloved show.


Can I play the game with my friends?

Firefly Online will provide a robust single-player experience, but with plenty of additional features that allow players to interact with other captains throughout the ‘Verse. You’ll even be able to create “jobs” (Firefly Online’s equivalent of quests) for other players to enjoy.


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